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21st February 2020
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How Ruia Group’s CSR initiatives are impacting lives of the unprivileged

A successful business is the one that achieves its corporate objectives within a set timeline. However, a reputed organization doesn’t only believe in churning out revenue every day of the week. It also intends to work for social responsibility and ethical practices. CSR is more about a continuous commitment by a business to uplift the less privileged sections of the society, while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families.

Led by Pawan Kumar Ruia , Ruia Group is one such organization that is committed to the welfare of its employees and the society at large. Instead of getting in a rat race to take over the competitors in the market, the group believes in progressing at its own pace, while taking immense pride in its social commitment. Here’s what Ruia Group’s social commitment is all about:


For the upliftment of the less fortunate sections of the society, Ruia Group has contributed to various institutions involved in charitable activities. It aims to promote healthy living by helping many healthcare service providers throughout the year.


Ruia Group provides financial assistance in the form of a scholarship to contribute towards the education segment of the society. It also provides assistance for the construction of new buildings, blocks, classrooms, hostels, etc., in various educational institutions. The chairman of Ruia Group, Pawan  Ruia also provides incentives to the children of the employees, which include:

  • Top performers at Secondary or equivalent examinations
  • Top performers at Higher Secondary or equivalent examinations
  • Higher Education & Study Abroad: Exceptionally bright academic children of Ruia Group employees are offered assistance for advanced studies in foreign universities.

Sports, Art & Culture

Promoting sports activities on a large scale, Ruia Group gives equal importance to nurturing raw talent. Group Chairman Pawan Kumar Ruia has made significant contribution for the development of a football field and stadium. By awarding the children of employees excelling in any sporting discipline, the firm encourages the talented boys and girls to shine on the big stage.

Art & culture is also deemed as a significant component of the cognitive and socio-economic development of the society. Special incentives are provided to the children of the employees by Ruia for achievements in performing arts, fine arts and other creative activities.

Ruia Group believes in going beyond the statutory obligations to fulfil the dreams of many unprivileged children and youngsters, other than impacting the lives of various sections of the society to lay the foundation of a bright future.

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