18th September 2019

How these business leaders transformed key industries while staying away from the limelight

There is a long list of industrialists and entrepreneurs in India, who are famous among the people. Some are known for their association with certain brands, […]
14th September 2019

From World’s Largest Producer to Equivalent GDP Contributor, Rubber Industry in India Continues to Expand its Presence

Last year’s economic survey of 2017- 18 identified exports as the biggest source of upside potential for growth in India. Diamond, Rubber, Rice, Packaged Medicaments, etc, […]
8th December 2018

Here is why we must stop burning tyres

Tyres are made of vulcanized rubber, steel and textiles. The smoke from a tyre fire contains many substances, including fine particles, oxides of sulfur, carbon monoxide, […]
24th November 2018

Next-gen Ruia on course to follow the footsteps

The Chairman of Ruia Group, Pawan Kumar Ruia is one of the very few individuals who have changed the landscape of certain industries, almost single handedly. […]