Ruia Group

Ruia Group is one of the fastest growing multinational industrial conglomerates of India. Headquartered in Kolkata, the group is renowned for its special management techniques. Under the able leadership of its Chairman Pawan Kumar Ruia, the group has witnessed a huge growth through critical technology acquisitions since its inception in 1993. The Ruia Group has interests in infrastructure, engineering, tyre, rubber products, sugar and electronics. In 2003, the group took over ailing engineering PSU Jessop & Co. Ltd, before taking over Dunlop India Ltd in 2005. Ruia Group settled enormous liabilities and resumed the production after a gap of almost 7 years. With Pawan Ruia at the helm of affairs, Ruia Group has earned the reputation of turning around ailing industrial giants through innovative management practices. The group has a workforce of about 9000 skilled, committed and qualified professionals. It has two major verticals: (i)   Tyre and Rubber Industry (ii)  Heavy Engineering & Infrastructure Ruia Group also has a presence in the Health segment, through the P.D. Ruia Kayakalp Naturopathy & Health Resort.

Chairman's Message

At the Ruia Group, we try to represent the best aspirations of people. Originating from India, one of the fastest growing economies of the world today, we aim high, and yet, in this fast-paced world, we maintain our moral aptitude. Our search for the right management techniques is relentless, while we keep our eyes open to social welfare.
We take care to amalgamate business with cultural integration. These are the values that we carry with us through our inorganic growth structure. The aim is to take on board the best technology platforms that there are and integrate them into our overall business perspective.
In the process, we have retained jobs, created many. We have already expanded manufacturing operations to different parts of India and hope to add some of the fast-growth countries of today and tomorrow in the next couple of years.
We believe that every single day is an opportunity to step ahead into a brighter future and work accordingly.
Pawan K Ruia
Chairman, Ruia Group